Killswitch Engage - "Atonement"

Grunge/post grunge, nu metal, crossover, metalcore, industrial/elettronica/EBM, goth rock/dark, alternative sounds, punk.
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Killswitch Engage - "Atonement"

Messaggio da ELASTIKO » 5 agosto 2019 22:13

---il 16 agosto tornano i Killswitch Engage con il nuovo disco (e siamo ad otto), "Atonement", licenziato sotto Sony Music.


1. "Unleashed"
2. "The Signal Fire" [Featuring Howard Jones]
3. "Us Against the World"
4. "The Crownless King" [Featuring Chuck Billy]
5. "I Am Broken Too"
6. "As Sure As the Sun Will Rise"
7. "Know Your Enemy
8. "Take Control"
9. "Ravenous"
10. "I Can't Be the Only One"
11. "Bite the Hand That Feeds"

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